Friday, July 10, 2015

I Won't Do It For You

CC is sitting in the backyard, arranging cars on a blanket.  She notices that the ramp has come off of our toy garage.  She points to the ramp.  "Put that back on, Emma."  I almost just grab the ramp and put it back on.  Instead, I say, "How could you put it back on by yourself?"  CC says, "I just want you to do it!"  I let her know that I won't do it for her, but that I am available to watch her work on it, or talk to her about a plan.

LS has been standing nearby, watching this interaction.  She looks at me, and at CC, and grabs the ramp.  She holds it upside down, and leans it against the garage.  "There you go, C!  It's all ready to go!"  CC claps her hands with delight: "You did it, L!  You did the ramp for me!  That was pretty hard.  Thank you!"

Both girls get back to playing, sliding cars down the red ramp, having each car say "Wheeee!" as it goes down and lands in a pile at the bottom.  They didn't need my help, and without it they were able to experience helping and being helped by a friend.  Their pride and joy in this moment of independent work and play was worth much more to them then a toy put back together quickly.

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