Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Problem Solving through Brainstorming

Outside today V and H discovered a pit used in our sand box had become stuck in another pot! While still in the sand box, they turned the pot over and tried to shake it out. It wouldn't budge. Then they found a stick and hit the pot. Still it remained steadfastly intact. They glared at the pot for a moment then shouted, "We need to fix this!"
H immediately had an idea about how to proceed, "We need somewhere to work!" V agreed and they begun collecting materials from around the yard. They set up shop by our bamboo bush- placing sticks around to partition off space. 

V looked at H, "We need tools!" Again they set off around the yard. They collected a spoon, an ice cream scoop, and a few smaller sticks. With tools in hand they descended upon their task again. 
They worked for a while and talked as they worked. What if we tried this tool? What if we turned it upside down? Can we pull it out? What happens if we use this stick? What if we hit it on the stage? They also tried simply telling the pot to get out.

They didn't succeed in separating the pots before it was time to head back inside but it didn't matter. Their work was about brainstorming ways to fix the problem. Not once did they stop or ask for help. Whenever I approached them they simply updated me on what hadn't worked so far. They were perfectly content to think, to wonder, to investigate... To problem solve with every fiber of their being.

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