Sunday, November 17, 2013

Accepting the Beauty

It's snack time.  We're having bananas.  I move to the table with a bowl of them and sit down.

 "I like to start at the top to peel it.  
See how it's a little rough there? 
 I break it a bit with my fingernail then pull down.  
Would you like to try?  
Look, we can see the banana!  
Yep, then you can pull it out.  
How does the peel taste when you bite it?"

By encouraging this careful investigation of an experience and noticing the details as we focus together, a child's sense of wonder and imagination are sparked.  Slowing down to notice builds an appreciation of the beauty that can be found in all things, and when done regularly it creates an ability to seek out beauty and notice it in all we see.

I have a hard time explaining it to people.  It's a mindset that is not just ready and willing to see the beauty, but to search out and find it in everything you see.

Beauty is all around us.  There are the moments when it is obvious and everyone who is near it is in awe.  There are times when it is in the eye of the beholder and it takes work and explanation to show the beauty.   There are busy moments in our life or our focus is off and we miss the beauty that is right in front of our faces.

It is difficult to describe that the innate ability to notice the beauty all around.  I want to give the gift of allowing for beauty in each of our lives.  I want them to embrace it in whichever form it comes- and then seek it out, even in the dirty and broken and hard parts in their life. Sometimes, these times can be the most beautiful if we pause to notice it.

When we are always able to see that richness of texture or depth of feeling that something evokes, then the beauty of it is speaking to us.  I want the children to question what beauty is for themselves and then accept the many unique definitions that everyone they meet will have.  I want them to feel the joy of slowing down and watching something that catches their eye. I want them to value this stillness and awareness, because they know it enriches their life and appreciation of others.  When you can see the beauty that is all around, it gives you an ability to accept others for who they are and see the truth around you.  We each still have our unique perspectives, but when you are aware then it is easier to be open to new ideas and thoughts.

We practice this search for beauty on a daily basis.  Its in the moments when I move slowly, with intention to draw attention to something.  It is when they point out the window at something that catches their eye in the sky.  And when discovering the way something works.  Really, there's no limit to the places we find the beauty.  What is important to me is the ability to see and be available to experience it. 

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