Monday, May 14, 2012


The hot, sunny morning caused us all to gather under our tree this morning.  Sticks were gathered and lifted to touch the lowest branch.

"I'm sticking it!" SW announced and others join his marvelous idea.
Soon everyone was looking up at the tree.

"Up there so high!" observed GW.  We all looked up.
"It is so high. Look!"  I pointed.  "Look at how the branches move and you can even see the sun.  It's shining through the leaves.  The leaves are so green."


Then I started my story:
"Imagine if we could climb the tree.  Starting at the bottom and going up, up, up.  Up to those high branches.  Like a squirrel does.  I wonder what we would see.  How would that feel?"


 "Up!" exclaims T, craning his neck to look upward.  Our knowledge of the tree has been enhanced. The up-ness, even big-ness, gives us a sense of calm. I share a smile and breathe through the silence before everyone moves on to trucks and rakes and grass and metal bowls.

Provocations can be tiny like this.  Held only in our hearts, minds and imagination.  It doesn't need to have an answer, ending or reason.  We came together because of the tree and I caught the moment.  There is hardly any better satisfaction. 

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