Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brain Group Continues!

Why Brains?
We're building on what we did yesterdaylast week, the day beforethe day before, and the day before that.

How Did I Invite Them?
I took some tickets and a sharpie outside.  I quietly walked up to the children who had previously shown interest, and I whispered, "Here's the ticket for the brain group!  I'm writing a [pause in case the child wanted to label the letter] yes, a B, and then an [pause] YES! an R! and then an [pause] A! and then [pause] an I!  And lastly, a [pause]... hmmm... bbbbrrrrrraaaaayyyyyNNNNNN... Yes!  an N!"

How Did I Set Up The Group Area?
I brought a body kit that is actually intended for much older children and requires glue for set up and such.

What Was My Intention For Today?
I wanted to provide a provocation that would support more story telling and discussions around the brain's relationship to the rest of the body.

What Did We Do?
W:  What's this?  M:  That's the spine!  It's on your back!  You can feel it right here!

M:  What's THIS?

W:  I'm doing research.

M:  Hey, there's the cerebellum!

G:  I think I can get the jaw bone onto the skull.

M:  If I fit this together right here, I think I can find the brain stem.

W:  Does my jaw bone move like this?

W:  Can we get the brain and skull to fit inside the body part?

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