Monday, June 27, 2016


Lately, I have noticed the power of a simple word...and. 

As Cohort 8 continues to develop their language skills, we are having lots of conversations!  One kind of conversation that we have quite a bit is about the limits being set throughout many different scenarios. Sometimes limits can be so hard when you are 2 (or 34) and some big feelings can come up.

I found myself needing a way to validate those inevitable big feels, but still hold the limit. This is where the beauty of the simple word 'and' comes in.  I can hear you, feel you, see you AND communicate the limit. These two things, big feels and a limit, are not mutually exclusive. I can hold both, I can support both. 

"I hear you want to keep playing AND it's time to get a diaper change."

"I see you are mad about not getting that truck AND I won't let you hit."

"I hear you really miss your mommy AND it's time to work on getting shoes on."

"I see you are frustrated AND you get to try a bite of veggies before having more pasta."

The conversation that follows, supports processing the big feelings and validating limit. It applies to every part of our day!  Maybe it's a pause for a big hug before heading to the bathroom or finding a different toy. Maybe it's a further conversation about safety for ourselves, our friends and our community. But before those actions or conversations happen, I want my boys to know that they are seen, heard, and felt. AND that I still will hold limits that keep their best interests in mind, especially around health and safety. 

Who knew a small word could be so powerful!

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