Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Voice for All

Tumbleweed Infant House is a pretty special place.  One afternoon I had a rather big ‘aha’ moment.  I was chatting with a co-worker in a quiet moment and we were commenting how one child in my group is super chatty.  He is still in the inbetween space of being pre-verbal and verbal, but using both sound and words he has a lot to say.

Zs we are chatting about how chatty he is already and how much more so he will be when he gets more words, I casually say “He is probably so chatty because everyone here gets a voice.”

For weeks now, I will pause and come back to that statement, because it is a huge one.  Everyone gets a voice, from the youngest infant to the oldest adult.  Everyone gets a voice here.  One that is heard, listened to and respected.  This is unique in our world, where some get a voice and most do not.  

So, here’s to a place where every person’s gets a voice and can be as chatty as they please.

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