Friday, January 8, 2016

We Love Winter!

For a two-or three year old, cold and icy winter weather is a great reason to strap on your favorite snow-pants, winter boots, and hat, and get outside to explore!
At Tumbleweed, our plan is always to spend time outside every day, no matter the weather.  The generally temperate climate in Portland makes this possible through all seasons - we Oregonians know how to prepare for and enjoy rain, and in the summer we have sprinklers and water-play to keep us cool. 

Until a few weeks ago, this winter has mostly brought us heavy rains, but the last few weeks, we've gotten some cold temperatures and ice!  
One day we took a walk through our neighborhood, looking for icy puddles to crunch with our boots.  
As we broke off pieces of ice from the frosty puddles, we held them up to the sunlight.  What can we see?  Where did the ice come from?  Will the ice be here for a long time or will it go away again?  
This winter phenomenon is a new and fascinating thing to explore through toddler eyes, and we found many questions were sparked on our winter walk.
After a one-day school closure due to snow and ice, everyone was excited to get back to our yard and see what it would be like.  We found a layer of ice on our garden beds, sandbox tarp, birdbath, and anywhere else where water collected.  

There was still some ice on the pavement, and the children experimented with driving and biking over it.  It felt very different from biking in rain or on dry pavement.

Some children saw the ice as an opportunity to try new tasks, like shoveling through snow and ice and breaking up the ice with sticks so it wouldn't be slippery for other people walking around.
No matter the season, I am always amazed by the ability of these children to not only adapt to changes in their environment but to embrace those changes with enthusiasm and curiosity!

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