Sunday, November 29, 2015

Play and Imagination in the Classroom

While playing on their own, H and B moved the play structure and sat down against the wall. They both agreed that it was a "choo choo." I decided to observe and see where their imaginations would take them next. 

They moved to sit on the steps of the play structure and decided they were still on a train, but the blocks in their hands became more of a focus to them.

H looked at the block in her hand and started using it to pretend to saw the wood on the play structure.

Then she gave B a closer look at what she was doing.

After watching H for a few moments, B set up his own blocks and said "look it!" He was really excited about how he got them to stand up.

B then got up and grabbed a book. He put it under his arm like a bag and said "bye bye, going to work."

H noticed and decided to grab her own book and pretend to leave. They both had a big laugh together over this and then went on to play separately. It's amazing to see what different things inspire and motivate children to play together and all the ideas that can come up in just a few short minutes!


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