Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Building in the Studio

In our evolving studio space, on the patio outside, the children are focusing on building skills.  We were gifted a stack of boards from a parent, and everyone quickly got to work stacking, arranging and balancing the pieces.  There was an air of excitement as everyone talked about where pieces should be going, and even some frustration as some wanted the same piece.  In the end the wood was used in many ways which fueled their creativity and imagination.
The Gymnastic Balance Field
C: This is where you have to walk.  It's pretty tricky, but if you're careful it works.  
LC: We need more boards!!
HR: I have some we could put one there.
C: But wait.  Will that work?  What if we make a teeter-totter?
LC: Oh yeah! I love doing that.
V: I can help you guys.
C: Ok.  We need more wood V.  Can you find some?
V: Sure!
C: But it needs to be for gymnastics.  That's why there is balancing and jumping.  Just follow me!
This game of building, balancing and negotiation materials and space continued until we went inside for the afternoon.  The motivation to find a way to all work together felt very strong as each child found their way, and talked with each other in a way that works!

The Biggest Drum Set Ever!
Briana: I'm noticing that everyone is really interested in banging the sticks on things.  I wonder what would be a safe choice?
Briana: I'm thinking about the drum game....
Everyone: Drums!!  
HM: I'm going to get some metal bowls
B: Yeah! Drums!
Soon everyone has found a way to set up the metal bowls, boards and wood pieces to create an area for drumming.  Smaller sticks become drum sticks and we test out how the different sounds can be made by hitting the wood and the bowls.
SC: Hey, I would like to do some drumming.
HM: you can!  There's some sticks here.
Q: I can do the drumming like this! Rawr Rawr Rawr!

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