Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Painting at the Preschool

Using tempra paint is always a loved activity for most children.  We have been finding more and more ways to offer the opportunity to paint, especially while outside!  The children have been mixing their own colors, telling stories as they paint, make observations about the colors changing and enjoying being together while working at the same piece of large paper or box. 
Art is offered in an experiential way at the Preschool House.  We focus on the process of sensorally engaging with the qualities of an art medium, then follow the children in their interests.  Sometimes this means a painting project quickly becomes hands on as the children feel the paint with their fingers and then experiment with what happens when their hands are art tools.  Over time we refine their explorations by talking about how artists use different mediums and tools, how to care for these things, and drawing attention to noticing different ways to use it.  This process of experiencing, then refining allows the child to practice that important combination of hand, finger and eye refinement while having a creative outlet.
Where shall our paint explorations lead us?

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