Sunday, October 18, 2015

Painting 3-D Objects

We started an interest in painting 3-D objects about a month ago when we had the chance to paint on gourds in the outside studio.

After seeing such an interest in painting an object that could be picked-up, held, and moved, we brought painting objects inside.  We found a sturdy box and started with blue paint.


During that first experience, we discovered painting could happen with hands and/or paintbrushes and in lots of different ways.  Our hands could scoop the paint out of the bowl and put it on the box.  The paintbrush can be used to paint the box or our hands.  The paintbrush can tap the box, make long blue strokes or be used to make small dots.  And, not painting at all, our hands can squish the paint.


Then came green with more exploration of using hands and paintbrushes to paint the box (and a bit on our own bodies and friend's bodies).  This time around, we first talked about the plan to paint and AK helped pick out the color we would use ("Green").


Then yellow.  By now, we are comfortable with the activity and excited to get started.  Everyone grabbed a paintbrush right away and jumped right in.  We were able to set up the limit of not painting on someone else's body, but painting on your own hands was okay.

We also experimented more with painting with our hands and how that looked on the box.  G and AK also discovered that the yellow paint can go over the blue, watching as it turned a bit green when the two mixed.

We will continue working on our painted box, adding more color and trying new ways of painting it.

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