Sunday, October 4, 2015

Learning from the Preschoolers

B waits for O to hand him his ball.
For the past month the toddlers in Cohort 11 have been spending more time with the Preschoolers. This has been a great opportunity for the toddlers to observe new ways of doing things and participating in different activities.

B and O gather wood for building.

Since we have become more blended, the preschoolers involve the toddlers in their play outside so much more and the toddlers love getting a chance to participate. The preschoolers treat the toddlers more like part of the group instead of just thinking of them as "babies."

J holds hands with I as they transition to lunch.

Having the preschoolers around more allows for the toddlers to learn by watching them. They follow the preschoolers during transition times and sit with them at circle time. Even watching during diaper changes has made both the toddlers and the preschoolers more interested in potty training.

I checks in with J after noticing that he is upset.

The preschoolers can be a big help when it comes to consoling the toddlers. If they notice that someone is upset they will often check in to see if they're okay. This has caused even the toddlers to say "are you okay?" if they see someone crying or hurt.

The toddlers wait patiently to serve themselves morning snack.

One of the biggest challenges for the toddlers is being patient at meal times. Now that they eat with the preschoolers they have to wait until everyone is seated with a plate and cup and then we sing our song. After that, they know it is time to eat. Sometimes it is very hard to wait, and they will often grab at the food in front of them, but B has caught on and says "wait" every time we sit down.

The toddlers are really enjoying spending more time with the preschoolers and in turn getting more chances to explore their independence.


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