Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Transitions: Morning Circle

Through the day in preschool, there are many moments where we are shifting and transitioning from one activity to another.  Many times this means moving through the school, inside to outside, and up and down the hallway.  During this time we encourage the children to move safely and calmly, while also allowing the children to know what is going to come next and what is expected.  When transitions happen smoothly, it sets the tone for focused participation and space for creativity and imagination through our day.

After a short play period, we invite the children to gather for circle time. Our circle times allow us to check in on how everyone is doing and is a great time to cultivate ideas and share information.Recently we moved our group time into the back room to allow for more space and focus while we gather. During this time we go over our day, beginning with the calendar. We talk about the date, month and the year. We take time to notice the weather, and often make predictions as to how our day will continue. 

These past weeks we have been learning about different instruments. Exploring different sounds they make and playing along to some of our favorite songs. This has been a great opportunity to talk about how music makes you feel and how different sounds can evoke many emotions.

Our time together also prepares us for our first snack of the day. We transition via songs and body movement expressions. The children love changing themes in this manner. It allows self expression and keeps the beat a playful and positive one.

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