Sunday, September 13, 2015

Giving Opportunities...

Lately I have been watching as the infants of Cohort 8 grow and change into the toddlers of Cohort 8.  At times, the change came slowly and then all of the sudden.  We are standing confidently, walking, trying out new words and ways to communicate, and gaining skills and abilities.

And so, I find myself in a space of needing to let go of the reins a bit - to intentionally give the boys opportunities to try out new skills, make mistakes, and keeping trying out big and small things.  I feel very much like I am saying, "I trust you...go ahead and try".

But the piece that I find to be so beautiful is that this is not an expectation that Cohort 8 now does everything on their own - it's about giving more opportunities for them to try things for themselves and being available when help is needed or asked for - another amazing skill that they have learned; the ability to communicate their need for help.


What an amazing jump we have taken, through many smalls and big steps!  

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