Monday, September 7, 2015

Exploring Musical Instruments

Last week Cohort 10 had opportunities to check out some musical instruments and experiment with the different sounds they could make with them. The instruments were in a large basket for the infants to explore when they felt ready. F inched closer and observed them for a minute before taking three out. Then L picked up a maraca and noticed that it made a sound. After moving it slowly a few times, she shook it fast and smiled at the sound!

The next time we checked out musical instruments, S and E immediately made their way over to the basket! They were very interested in how they could use them and surprised to find that they each made a unique noise when you shook them. F heard the sounds and worked on safely helping his body come down from the shelf and joined the fun! Our cohort's favorite instrument is the maraca! 

L getting a close look at the maraca before discovering that it makes a fun sound!

E exploring the maraca while listening to the sound that S was making!

F listening to the sound he can make by scratching the basket

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