Sunday, August 16, 2015

Toddlers Are Doin' It For Themselves Part 2

Continuing with the theme of toddlers trying things on their own, I documented more simple tasks we do throughout the day that are becoming habits for Cohort 11.

We practice really hard at putting our shoes on by ourselves multiple times a day before we ask for help. As we walk to the porch, I say "Go find your shoes!" Sometimes we get our own, and sometimes we help our friends find theirs. J has his shoes in his hand and is ready to give it a try.

He starts with his right foot and slides it in to the shoe, though it is tricky.

Once he finds the right angle it goes right in.

After figuring out the right shoe, the left shoe is a breeze. He's all ready to go!

Since meals are served family style at snack and lunch, we like to try to serving the food by ourselves. This involves pouring water or milk, and choosing the foods we want from the bowls.

B starts by pouring himself some milk.

Then he goes for the pasta. 

And some corn!

By giving toddlers the opportunity to make their own choices at meal time, it allows them to feel more involved in the whole process and helps them to understand what went in to making their meal.

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