Sunday, August 30, 2015

I have my own solution!

Coming to a solution to a problem takes a very specific skill set that many preschoolers are working hard on perfecting.  They are balancing the strong emotions related to their age, negotiating interactions with their teachers and peers, as well as being away from home.  Through this all, their resiliency, intuition and drive to constantly be learning the best solution to their problem is never ending.  By giving preschool aged children daily opportunities for problem solving, we are preparing them for the big things in life, such as Mathematics, Geometry, Social Situation, Job Seeking, Traveling, and so much more!

Here are few examples of how we share this space in a loving way throughout our day.
"I want to swing but I don't want Q to hit my leg!" -CE. What can we do? "I have an idea! Lets swing back to back!" "Yeah. we wont bump each other that way!" -QM.

I dont want you to come up!" -EK. "Well it has to be available for everyone." -QM. Well, do you want to play sisters with us? -EK. "Ok." -QM.

"I want to get in too." -EK. "This is a space ship! We are going to outer space!" -IG. Well I still want to get in!" -EK. "I have an idea. You can get on when its the next stop and someone gets off." -HR.

"I'm using those! I am building a castle." -EF. "Well i want to build too." -LC. "You can build with me. I need more of those squares." -EF. "Ok great!" -LC.

"V, We have a line here! You are behind SC. If we take turns then we can all use it!" -AK.

I am the doggy! You can come in and play with me! -SC.

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