Sunday, August 30, 2015

Growing bodies, Fruiting Minds

We fill our minds with lots of pictures in preschool. These pictures begin as symbols representing the many academic and social skills we are exposed to in preschool. As we become more and more familiar with a symbol we take ownership of it and add it to our knowledge pool. In this way, we are always looking for ways to express and show what we have just learned. Lately the new name tags have sparked a new passion for showing our letter knowledge. Often a child will be seen pointing out the letters of his/her name but then move to every other name and do the same. Sometimes two or three children with join in this search collaborating to find letters and read names.

A white table clothe elicits an excitement for all ages to show our unique drawings and talk about them. "I am making a castle" -EF.

"We are climbing so high! We can touch the sky!" -AZ. Doing a challenging balance move is much more fun when shared with another.

"I want to go really fast!" "Who wants to go really fast?"-RM "We need a helper to push here and here!" -LC.  This teeter totter quickly became fast moving train that needed lots of helpers, 

Storytelling gives the chance to build public speaking, communication and leadership skills. EF shares a story while others actively listen to ask questions and join the conversation.

Music circle is a great place to communicate knowledge with a different language. Here the students learn how a drumbeat is like a heartbeat. What other sounds communicate things or events in real life?

As we see children grow their bodies and minds express their change in very different ways. The mind grows much like the fruit of a tree. Little by little knowledge grows until it is so big it shows itself off like beautiful ripe fruit. Many times throughout a year a preschool their seem to be explosions of knowledge and excitement about a certain subject. This part of year we are working hard on our communication and social skills.

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