Friday, July 10, 2015

We Love Games!

Games are an essential part of our play at the Preschool House. Games start to take place with growing language and communication in play. They are full of imagination and can take on any form. The three criteria needed to create a game are a description of how to play, what to do, and an outcome or the desired result.

Rules spring up as an invitation to play. One child may have an ideal outcome and in order to achieve it they need others to mimic an action or refrain from doing another action. Rules come about as a child gains social skills and use communication to lead play with peers. Anyone one can make rules especially when it comes to imaginative pretend play. Rules are dynamic often changing to reflect the changing diversity and size of the group. Rules are important because they build critical public speaking and leadership skills.
 Describing the action in a game can often happen non-verbally by showing an action first then motioning for others to join in. The action is an important way to test out motor skills, physical abilities and creative minds. There are many different types of children but all have unique expressions and love to show them off. Children get to decided if they want to follow others or express their own actions.

The achievement of a goal is as important as the creation of one.  This is true in life as well as games.  When the children create goals for themselves, there is a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when they are reached.   There is also more ownership taken over the goals, even when they are not met.

The skills used in creating, navigating and playing games help the children learn and practice skills which will last a life time.  

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