Friday, July 31, 2015

Toddlers Are Doin' It For Themselves

Throughout the day there are so many opportunities for the toddlers in Cohort 11 to try something new or practice a simple task on their own. During these moments it is important to step back and let them try it by themselves. This gives them the confidence to try more things on their own without asking for help first.

One of the most fun and challenging things to do for the toddlers in Cohort 11 is to climb up and down the ladder of the treehouse. Getting down is a bit more complicated than climbing up, so it requires a lot of trial and error. It can be hard to step back and watch as they try to figure it out on their own, but I stand a safe distance away so that they know I am there should they lose their footing.
C prefers to go down the ladder backwards. She sticks her legs out to find the first step while holding still holding on to the ledge of the treehouse.

Once she gets her foot on the second step, she grabs on to the first step of the ladder. After that, it's almost as easy as climbing up. O stands by and watches her closely.


Washing our hands is something we do so often that all the steps have become a habit. The toddlers know what comes first and what comes last and they can complete it almost all on their own. 
H steps onto the stool and turns the faucet on by lifting the handle. She reaches her hand under the soap and I help her get a small amount out.  
She rubs her hands together, making sure to get in between her fingers and the outside of her hands. The toddlers all love watching the bubbles form in the sink. She then holds her hands under the water to rinse and pushes the handle down to turn the water off.
She then reaches for a towel and dries her hands off and places the towel in the basket for used towels. She steps down from the stool. All done!

While it might seem faster and more convenient to do these simple tasks myself instead of letting the toddlers learn how, it is much better for them (and me!) in the long run to let them do things on their own.

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