Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Gift of Routine

There is a lot to be said for routine.  Routine builds a sense of safety, security and healthy control through predictability.  When children know what is coming next, either through conversation about the schedule or following a similar routine everyday, their world feels safe and understandable.  Without having to question when and if things will happen – like meals when hunger sets in or connection through play or daily routines – children are able to relax in the environment and relationships.  This relaxation allows for play, exploration, wonder, creativity and joy!
Just as a musical piece is best enjoyed when the melody is played in sequence, our days in Cohort 8 feel the best when our simple routine or rhythm is followed.

Here is what our daily routine looks like:

Morning Snack

Nap/Rest Time



Outside Time


Nap/Rest Time

Afternoon Snack


But routine does not mean sameness everyday.  We flow through the day, following the sequence of events, taking time for experimenting with new discoveries.







and Exploring the Garden


What wonderful, busy days!!

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