Saturday, July 18, 2015

Introducing Solid Food

I can't believe Cohort 10 is already starting to eat solids! Over the past few weeks, we have been trying new foods together at school. We started out with sweet potato, banana, pear, steamed apple and avocado. So far the infants have shown a lot of interest in food, picking pieces up, getting a close look, squishing it in their hands, and eventually tasting a little bit. Pear, sweet potato and avocado are our favorites! 

F grabs the pear and brings it to his mouth.  By being in a natural position while eating, his hands and body are free to explore the food!

Although the infants aren't eating much of the food yet, they are learning and building the important skills they need for eating in the future. How to chew and swallow, experiencing different tastes and textures and working on their fine motor skills.

We are also introducing the concept of meal time and building skills which will last a life time.  I gather our food, we come together and eat, when they begin to push the food away we clean up and we are all done.   These concepts will build over time as our meal times develop.

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