Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Exploring music at the Preschool!

 Music has the power to stimulate the senses and at the same time foster learning. Music is entertainment that can be shared and unknowingly promote learning. Teaching happens a lot between children at the preschool but lately music has expanded our peer teaching in exciting new ways. Music elicits growth and development in so many areas. I have listed a few we have seen so far to go with the pictures below.

 Exploring the sounds of a table quickly gains interest and a group forms hitting the table with different objects they are able to identify different sounds and begin to play in unison.

When one child sings their favorite song other children often join in the singing and learn the lyrics to new songs along the way. It is fun to share the joy of music by singing loudly.

This is my bass!

Self Expression
This is my microphone!

Anything around the playground may invite a musical performance becoming a microphone or a stage.
Children have a lot to say at times. A marching band forms as the perfect way to combine musical expression and movement. 

In this pretend game sound making takes the lead role in socializing in play. 

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