Saturday, July 18, 2015

Building Friendships

Now that Cohort 11 has been together for a few months, it is really fun to watch the relationships that have been formed between the children. Drop-off is a great time to witness the close bonds they now have, as they usually express a lot of excitement when they see another friend get dropped off.

C notices B is gone and asks where he is.

They know each other's names and express concern throughout the day if they notice that someone from the cohort is not within their sight. If a friend doesn't come to school on a certain day, their name usually comes up a few times and we have to discuss how that friend is not at school, and talk about where they could be.

Our new friend J joined our cohort a couple weeks ago, and the toddlers have already bonded with him. They notice when he's gone and point to his cubby box and say his name.

H gives A a hug on the playground.

They even know the names of some of the preschoolers and get excited when we see them. A favorite thing to do in the mornings is stand on the big chair and watch the preschoolers get dropped off.

The joy that Cohort 11 gets from interacting with one another is such a fun and exciting thing to witness!

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