Friday, July 10, 2015

Back from Summer Vacation!

Each year, Tumbleweed closes for a week of summer vacation.  This year, the vacation was last week, and the families of Cohorts 7 and 9 had many amazing adventures, near to home and far away.  
It is an amazing thing to witness the reunion of a group of two-year olds after a week apart.  The relationships between the children are so strong, so full of love, silliness, trust, and connection (and a week is a really long time for a toddler!), and each moment where two friends come back together is really beautiful.  There was CC and LP wordlessly jumping up and down with happiness when they saw each other, LS and NA returning to each other over the course of the day to give each other gentle hugs, and LC smiling at each of her friends at the snack table on Monday: "I'm sitting next to you!"

Our week away from Tumbleweed was a hot one and all the plants in the garden grew rapidly.  The children were thrilled to see the changes.  MH noticed the crowns of broccoli that had begun to grow and called CS over to show him the "baby broccoli!"  After we harvested some giant zucchini we noticed, AJ held them in her hands, declaring, "Whoa.  This a big one."  Everyone was ecstatic about all the ripe blackberries our plant had ready for us Monday morning, and we got to talk about the difference between blackberries and raspberries and how to tell if a blackberry was ripe.

The last week was filled with moments of magic.  Each child grew so much in the week away and came back with new words, new moves, and new stories to share.  We are all excited to see where this growth with take us next.

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