Thursday, June 25, 2015

Workshop Begins

In the workshop we have been working on deconstructing an electronic keyboard and CD player.  It takes a great amount of focus and slow movements to align screwdrivers and screws and figure out how each piece can be taken off.
One of the best parts of this work has been the parts.  They have become integral parts in our imaginative.  The buttons from the keyboard have been money, candy, or keys.  Plastic parts of the keyboard have become eyeglasses and rocket ships.  The children collaborate to find new ways to put the pieces together in new ways as play evolves. 
What began as an investigation in the way things work, has become an impetus that has enhanced our storytelling and curiousity about the world around us.  Our questions wondering about the deconstruction:
"I wonder where this piece came from?"
"Why does the screw hold the pieces together?"
"Will we ever be able to get this apart?"
Have become imaginative explorations and storylines:
"Wait!  You need to come over here and be the rocket driver with me.  When this long piece goes up, then it is the computer which can fly the rocket ship."
"I am counting how many moneys I need before I buy more ice cream: one, five, six, nine, ten."
"Someday, once I am really good at being a screwdriver, I can maybe work on a car."

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