Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Different Ways We Paint

One of our favorite things to do in Cohort 11 is paint with watercolors. I supplied the children with a few different colors, paint brushes, and white paper. It is exciting to see the different ways in which each child approaches the supplies and chooses what to do with them.

H reached for the brush and dipped the wooden part into the paint, and then flipped it around and dipped the brush in. She kept all the colors in one area of the paper and really liked dabbing the paint brush onto the paper. After a few minutes of painting on the paper, she decided her white shirt was another good spot to paint. Then she decided to paint on her hand. Once her hand was completely covered in blue paint she took a moment to just stare at it, then she was ready to wash it off.


When B saw the paint he was excited to taste it. When he realized it was not for eating he started dabbing the brush on the paper. He liked dipping the brush into each different color. He was also curious to paint the sheet covering the table. After using the paint brush for a few minutes he decided to use his fingers instead and rubbed the paint on the paper. 

When C saw the tins filled with paint she was really excited to play with those and move them around the table. Once she put them where she wanted them she started painting. She used her brush to make a lot of long strokes and made sure to get a lot of each color. At one point, she put a dab of paint on the back of her hand and then stamped her hand onto the paper. She also liked painting over where I wrote her name. C kept painting long after H and B were finished, and decided she was done after she put a small hole in the paper.

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