Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ice is Water!

We are experiencing a hot spell during the beginning of June this year.  During these 90 degree days, we get the experience the changing state of materials that we know well.  Today we are playing with water and small bowls of ice.

When AK first saw me bring out the small bowls he pointed and said, "Wah-wah!"
We agreed that it is water, but it feels a bit different.

"Cold! Ooh!" Said G, as he picked up the slippery chunk with his hands and the bowl.

T worked hard to pick up the chunk near him, but it kept moving and sliding just as he got his fingers around it.

J enjoyed splashing in the larger tub of water that I also provided, and was surprised when he pulled up on the edge and the tub dumped onto his body!  At first he was unsure, then happily splashed in the cool water.

The children continued to explore the different textures and temperatures of the air outside, the cold ice and the cool water.  By offering these opportunities the children now have a deeper understanding of temperature, water and ice!  What a fun way to keep cool on a hot, sunny day.

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