Monday, June 8, 2015

Giant Leaps Forward - through lots of tiny steps

Cohort 8 has been growing and changing a ton through the winter and spring seasons.  We are coming up on summer with a huge range of new skills and abilities.  One of the ways we have changed a bunch is our mealtimes together.  Here's a look at how we have grown.

Nourishment through milk

Our time with a floor table - just as everyone is mastering sitting up, crawling over, trying foods.


Using dishes - cups and bowls


Our new table with box chairs - as some become walkers, we embrace the challenge of getting into a chair and, sometimes, just climbing in for fun!


And serving ourselves out of the serving bowl - learning how to take just one or two and even using spoon to pour in tasty foods.

This process - from bottle to solids to table eating - developed over time with lots of tiny steps forward (and backwards and sideways).  As we were in and out of the daily routine, I didn't really notice how far we've come until one day when I find myself asking if they want more, waiting for a reply (which comes in some fashion), and passing the bowl for them to serve themselves.  It clicks.  We have grown, we have changed, and we are still moving forward on this journey, with lots of tiny steps ahead.
I can't wait to see what comes next...

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