Sunday, May 31, 2015

Garden Learning

As the weather grows warmer and summer draws near, our interests are almost primarily on everything outdoors: insects, plants, flowers, cloud formations, sunshine.  The garden is part of our daily play and work as we care for it and watch how it changes.  By offering moments to encourage the children to slow down, look closely and notice the changes, the cycle of inquiry happens naturally. 

When children ask questions, we encourage them to observe for their answers instead of giving it to them.  This way, they can draw their own conclusions and notice the things they find interesting.  From their observations, more questions and wonderings arise.  When children are in a constant state of wonder, they notice the world around them in a new way.  Their observations become opportunities for storytelling, new knowledge, and deep understanding.

We have many different parts of our yard where things are growing.  The garden beds are a special place where seeds and seedlings are planted with care, watered and tended.  There are plants which encourage bees to come.  There are others that give us food!  When children are part of the process of growing food for their meals, including the long process of waiting and watching the vegetables develop, they are more aware and connected to the important process.

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