Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Social Interactions in Cohort 10

Over the last two weeks, I have been observing the interactions between the infants in Cohort 10. I was excited to see how E and S would interact. At first E was more aware of S and after a few days S started to show interest in E by turning her head to look at him. When they are laying next to each other they use their hands and feet to connect with each other and communicate by making different sounds.

Infants begin interacting with each other through eye contact. As they get a little bit older, around 2-3 months, they will smile at each other and eventually reach out to touch the other infant. I am starting to see E and S hold hands, which begins at about four months old. I've been able to observe these early social interactions and I am really excited about it! Infants usually do not have many opportunities to spend time with their peers unless they are in a daycare setting. Because of this, infants that are in daycare together are able to socialize at an earlier age compared to other infants. These first interactions have been amazing to see and I'm looking forward to observing more social milestones between the infants at Tumbleweed.

This week we will be welcoming F to Cohort 10 and I can't wait to see how E, S, and F engage with each other!

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