Sunday, April 19, 2015

Reading to Infants

Most people know that reading aloud to your child is important and beneficial for their development. The earlier you start reading to your child, the better! Babies can hear voices and sounds inside the womb, so reading aloud even before your child is born can help with brain development. Once your baby is born, reading, talking and singing to them go hand in hand to promote language development along with an ongoing list of other benefits.

In Cohort 10, as well as the other classrooms at TIH, we like to read every day! The babies in Cohort 10 are three to four months old, but there is definitely an interest in books. They focus on the pages and make happy sounds while I’m reading to let me know they are engaged. When I read to them, I am modeling the qualities of a good reader. They see me turning the pages, pointing to each word, asking questions, discussing pictures and making connections. These skills set children up for success later on when they are learning how to read.

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