Sunday, April 12, 2015

Leadership Roles at the Preschool

The preschool class has grown and with it the opportunity for leadership roles to emerge. Leadership roles can involve many tasks from lining up to helping nap maps get made. Leadership occurs when children accept their school community, take ownership in it and begin to teach skills they learned at school to others. These tasks may seem only ordinary routine but are actually part of the larger culture of beautifying the school, enforcing group rules, modeling behavior and contributing to daily curriculum.

I will have reading circle here! You can sit there to see the books.

I will be the helper in the block area.
We Can clean up the big blocks fast!

Clean up helpers can fly the tools to the clean up baskets.
This helper found room for everyone at a table. If you move in A there is room for E. 
The playdough fun can then commence!

I will help put away the hats! 

This helper saw that others stuck in conflict and offered a solution. We can go this direction A. Then we can all do it together.
Opportunities for problem solving and exploring social skills is the important work at the preschool.   The children like taking ownership over solving problems, and when we allow for them to be leaders they feel confidence.The benefit of a mixed age classroom also is a benefit as the older children become the role models to the younger and new children at our school.  Everyone has an opportunity to be a leader every day in many different ways.

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