Thursday, March 26, 2015

What does your Cinderella look like?

First child - My Cinderella has green eyes, but yours doesn't!
Second Child - No! Cinderella always has blue eyes.
Third Child - Everyone could make their own Cinderella, you know.
First Child - What does your Cinderella look like?

There was one thing that everyone agreed on: Cinderella has long hair. From there, the agreement about what she looked like, what she did, what she wore and other details varied.  The other thing that was true, is that everyone could make their own version of this fairy tale character.  They talked as they drew, adding in the details they thought were important.
The story grew and evolved throughout the day and drew others into it.  We left drawing materials out, so that they could return when needed to finish parts of their story.

"We drew Cinderella!  And they're all different!" 

When differences are not just celebrated, but accepted as a natural state of humanity, they become how we connect and understand each other in an intimate way.  Our differences draw us closer and encourage us to build connections and community.

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