Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Power of Pretend

Our Preschoolers love to negotiate for roles during pretend play!

Children decide their own roles.
DC: I will be the mom.
AS: I will the sister.
LC: Ok I will be the sister too!

Children invite others to play.

LC: Do you wanna play sisters?
DC: Yeah!
AS: Yeah!
EF: Yeah!
LC: This is a train! Climb on!
DC: We are going to the beach!

Children listen to each others ideas.
SC: I'm a doggie!
EF: Come over here doggie!
LC: Guys, SC is the doggie ok!

In the process of deciding roles during pretend play with doctor visits, horse back rides to the mountains, ballet class, bike rides, cooking meals, and more, children gain confidence in advocating for themselves and listening to others!

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