Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Joy in Discovery

This past Thursday I watched as one of the infants in Cohort 8 discovered how to put on a necklace…and take it off again.

She spent a bit of time looking closely at the necklace and than, simply and resolutely, worked to get the necklace on.  She tried…and tried…and tried again.  I sat close by, watching and waiting and wondering – could she figure this out?  Would she get frustrated or simply be done with the attempts?

She tried…and tried again.  And just like that, between one breath and another, the necklace was on.  I said calmly, “You did it.  You got the necklace on,”  but internally I was jumping up and down and wanting to share this new accomplishment with whatever adult was close enough to hear me!  She did it!  She tried, over and over, and got the necklace on!  She modeled perseverance, determination, and a willingness to try over and over!!


And then the necklace came off.  And went back on.  She would crawl about the yard, rediscover the necklace around her neck – off again, on again, off again, on again.  And crawl some more.


The joy, hidden in moments like these, is contained in watching someone do something, discover something or experience something for the first time – EVER!  In these moments I reflect that this infant, this small young person, has just done something for the absolute first time in their young lives and I had the privilege to bear witness – to celebrate, support, and encourage. 

So, when the day is long and perhaps naps have been short, I find such joy in reflecting on all the amazing 'first times' I have witnessed and think ahead to all the wonderful ones just waiting to be discovered.

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