Monday, March 23, 2015

Finding our place during transitions

Transitions between activities gives children an opportunity to practice skills of asking for help and giving it.  There are some children who put their shoes and coats on quickly and then turn to help their friends.  This cycle of peer support gives the children ways to interact with each other, build communication skills and hone fine motor and dexterity. 

HR - I can't find my shoes. 
AK - I can help!

EK - I cant get my coat on.
AS - Let me try (notices its inside out and shows how to do it). Do you want to do a preschool flip, AS. 
EK - Yeah!

CE - I dont know how to tie laces. Does anyone know how?
DC - Sure I know how to do it. I'm not as good as my brother though.

Transition periods can feel more chaotic as children are moving from one activity to the next and the adults are often less available.  By working together, the children take ownership not only over their own experiences at school, but the school environment itsself.  They are creating our culture by caring for each other and feeling pride in our community.

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