Friday, October 3, 2014

Yoga at the Preschool!

Our school is abuzz with excitement as we feel something different and new is coming. This time it happens to be Yoga. It is so great to have a parent and community member take part in the school. We spark each child's interest by repeating throughout the day that there will be a yoga class offered after nap. By the time the children begin to wake and transition out of nap just mentioning Yoga gets a small group extremely focused ready for what this new thing might have to offer. 


 To get started I introduce the yoga teacher, Shira, and set some expectations. It doesnt take much as the teacher invites everyone to sit in a circle and all eyes at the center of attention. I step back and witness how powerful yoga as a part of human learning. Shira gets going with some silly movements moving around the circle to actively engage everyone. Next she calls out each child to show an animal while everyone matches. As the children match different animal movements and sounds they move around in a circle. The excitement puts everyone in a calmer mood.


The animal movements allow Shira to weave a story with yoga poses leading everyone in these difficult poses without even realizing. As the group moves from sitting down to big standing stretches each pose is met with a new joy, discovering what bodies can do, how it feels to use different body parts in different ways and to use our whole body.

As more difficult moves were offered yoga seemed more fun than challenging. Every child either carefully tried a pose or simply sat and watched what was going on. It was a truly inspiring to see the art of Yoga practiced with such a young age.

The movements focused deeper and deeper on illuminating our inner strength the child's pose or cat pose was use by all for a much needed rest. The teacher had everyone sit and very simply explained the end of a yoga class much like every Yoga class ends. We thank ourselves for our practice and say, the light in me recognizes the light in you; Namaste.

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