Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Can You See the Light?

Morning light pours in.
J looks at his play dough through the light.  He sees that some parts are lighter than others.
Conversation emerges.
T explains, "I need to flatten my play dough.
In the old days, before rollers, they just used their hands or faces like this.
 Hey!  Can the light go through my hand?
J tests the same idea.

Questions and ideas build.
How does the light affect the play dough here?
What if we pinch different parts?

Collaboration continues, naturally scaffolding.
What if we have small holes?
What if we have big holes?

THIS is play!  THIS is work!  This is learning and learning to love learning and loving...
This is the genius of childhood.

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  1. This is beautiful. When you said there was some scaffolding, were you talking about the suggestion regarding the thinking of the play dough?