Wednesday, September 24, 2014

As the Weather Changes

Fall has fallen here at the Infant House and we are embracing the changes joyfully. Rain gear is added to our going outside rituals. We have returned to raking the yard and harvesting the last from the garden. Chalk is used in new ways in conjunction with rain water. The changes of a season refreshes our interests outside and brings up many new conversations.

"It's raining today?" Z asked during morning  snack. 
"It is. The water is falling down from the clouds. " I reply. 
"Mommy wore her raincoat. And brother and daddy and I did. And Mommy. And brother."  Z told us all. 
"I wearing my coat outside too!" Agreed C
"I noticed many rain coats today. And rain pants. And even boots!  It feels go to be in the rain. And feels even better to stay dry!" I agree. 

We embrace these changes and get excited by what new things we get to do: listen to the rain hitting the roof of the classroom, pour and scoop from rain puddles, noticing the grass turning green again, and many stories of where the rain is coming from and why it is happening. 

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