Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Outdoor Art Studio

During our summer break, the teachers at the infant house created a new, outdoor art studio to provide new avenues and enhance focus in our continuing exploration into art mediums. 

On Monday we began by offering small marbles and buttons to scoop and pour into small jars and pitchers. This have us the opportunity to being limits and discover new ones. For example we decided that materials that we use in the studio stay in the studio, the rocks on the ground are for walking on (vs scooping, digging, throwing), bikes can be parked outside of the studio, as well as our continuing practice at negotiating space with each other. 

Today we began with a good amount of corn starch in a tray. The same scooping and pouring tools were offered and the children immediately began manipulating the unique powdery texture of the corn starch. After a while I dripped some liquid water color in and the children enjoyed chasing the drops with their fingers and seeing then disappear into the white.  
The final step was offering a few jars of water.  Naturally they were dumped, and a new texture element was added. 

The thing I found interesting was that despite what I offered, the children continuted to scoop, spoon and pour, as well as feel with their hands.  
Our final addition was to offer a bucket for hand washing that is always available.  Children could wash their hands off in the water as much as they like and inevitably this meant that the water became a part of our play. 

We look forward to what this space will become as we build it to fit our needs and desires.  We invite our families to bring items to add to the studio which might enhance what we have but also make this new space a collaboration. If you have any small jars, found natural objects, beads, yarn, statues, art, scarves, spoons or other things that you would like to add to our studio, we look forward to finding a place and use for them!  

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  1. These are very lucky children. Your work continues to be sunny. Stephen...