Monday, March 3, 2014

The Garden Begins

The weather is slowly growing warmer which means our garden is beginning to form. Today we went outside and turned the soil, something everyone was excited to help with. We talked about pulling the weeds, plants that take nutrients away from plants we want to eat, and feeling the dark, damp earth. As we dug various creatures began to emerge from the earth, our favorites being worms of all sizes.


We only had pea seeds to plant today. I have been talking about the seeds of things for quite some time during snack.  Apple seeds are found hiding within the core, as well as avocados, mandarins, grapefruit and pomelos. When I opened the package of pea seeds everyone understood what they were. We dug a trench then carefully placed them in the dirt. We talked about giving each seed space for growing, then we covered them up.

"Bye bye peas!" EK said and so on everyone was saying bye as we tucked the seeds into their dirt beds.
"See you soon!  They are going to grow into plants!" I explained and we walked away.

These connections are important as we begin observations in your yard.  Flowers are starting to bloom and the children have already noticed the plants growing leaf buds.

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