Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We eat fruits and vegetables everyday. Its important to me that the children are familiar with the changing properties of the foods they eat and what food is all about. Sometimes a carrot is crunchy and others it is soft. Sometimes apples are round and other times they are flat.  Whenever possible the children are present when I am preparing food. I talk about what I'm doing, chopping, mixing stirring, and cooking.  Often during this time they also are given options about what we should have for a meal. 

 During a meal I bring in whole fruits and cut them with the children. Eventually they will be assisting more and more.
Today we have a cantaloupe. 

We start by passing it around the table. Everyone gets a chance to make observations while touching.
"Seeds inside. Brown inside. " says C as she touches the rough skin. 

"Oooooh.  Heavy. Tight!" Says EK as he lifts it. 

I cut it, slice it and we taste it. 

Our experience of cantaloupe is constantly expanding as some children want their piece with out skin. Some want to examine the seeds. Others don't like to eat it at all. 

In the end everyone knows more about fruit, cantaloupe and eating as they are an active participant in their meal time.

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