Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let's Connect

Times of care, such as feeding and diapering, are rich with opportunities to connect.
When I am Fully Present with a child during a bottle, we make eye contact, our breath is calm and even, and our bodies are warmly working together to take care of the task at hand together.
I talk sparingly, available but not resisting when questions or thoughts seem to come from the child: "You're really enjoying your milk! It feels so good to nourish our bodies." "That loud bang surprised you. The toddlers knocked over some blocks. You're safe." "I noticed you stopped eating. Let's see if you have a burp to get out."
When I can be Fully Present, when I can patiently support a calm pace, and when I observe carefully in order to have a true dialogue with the child, we are both filled up! Our mutual respect, trust, and sense of security then seep into the rest of the day. 

Such a simple task can be so powerful!

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