Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Building Conflict Resolvers

Lately I have been thinking of the grow in our class and how it is reflected in the expanding social groups of each child. This has been seen most vivaciously in our train track area. Almost everyday new and diverse friendships are being made while children are playing trains. This has also led to some really big and complex train building.

As a approached the yells of two children, I saw they were both pulling on a train track but not using words. I tried to give them time and work it out but by my presence they began to talk.
TU: "I want the train track. I had it. I'm using it to build my circle." AS: "I want it, the train track!" As they continued to tug I noticed what was happening and "sportscast"each sides actions. TU began to yell while AS was crying still tugging. This was the most difficult part since I was drawn to solve the conflict for children but I stopped myself. TU yanked the track and and AS was sad for a moment before seeing another track on the floor and going to get it.

Recently after reading an article by Janet Lansbury I was able to put into words what two things helped to not intervene, article here. Waiting to allow children to release their feelings and letting children take toys because it's part of playing together possibilities really connected with me. As I practiced these actions with the conflict above I noticed feeling a relief and satisfaction that I was no longer needed to resolve every conflict and also that each child was more resilient on their own.

Seeing a person's needs outside of yourself allows a true act of compassion.

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