Sunday, January 26, 2014

 During the days before our winter break, when the dark came earlier, we found ourselves inside more that usual. At the beginning of the day which for a week in December started at around 15 degrees, I worried that our cabin fever would have gotten the better of us. We are a filling snack, spent time changing diapers and sitting on the toilet and as I set side the paperwork I looked around and everyone is not just busy, but engaged in their own way. 

EK is carefully and gently stacking or drumming things on the drum. 

Babies are being covered by carefully applied layers of silks by Z and C. "Ni-night." They say and rub the babies backs. 

Wooden objects are stacked until they topple, then stacked again. 

There is nothing they need from me directly to extend or enhance their play, except for the moments our eyes connect for a split second as they continue their games, our connection remaining. 
I am drawn to the spaces between thing as they play. It's so plain to see that the silences and pausing is as important as the self initiated play. It's hard for an adult when we feel the magic of these moments to simply let them happen. 

I want to be a part of what they are working on, especially the big stuff like focus and negotiations between each other. I want to prepare them for what the next step is or find a way I would think of to extend their play. But I challenge myself to simply maintain that quiet connection. To stay in the silence and find my own way to appreciate their internal focus and ability to extend and work through what they are naturally drawn to. 

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