Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Animal Circle

Today during Japanese circle, EF brought over a book about animal science. Rather than telling EF that they were reading a Japanese book already, Reiko offered to read the animal book if everyone interested. Every child perked up- yes!! They were indeed interested.

Reiko read through each page slowly, stopping as the children asked questions or exclaimed over the pictures. AK was often heard asking, "Wow! What is THIS animal?" TUS often had an answer or suggestion, "Oh, that's a squid."

JK and EF were so fascinated with many of the pictures that they had to lean in very close. Getting close allowed them to see all the details in the photographs. WK was interested in what each animal did rather than the name. She was particularly keen on learning about how snakes eat their prey.

As their circle comes to a close, WK asks "Can osprey carry you away?" Reiko pauses then says, "Maybe one could grab each of your arms. Then it would be like you are flying." AK and EF laugh as they lift their arms in the air to "fly".

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