Monday, November 18, 2013

All About Feet!

Recently I took over Rio's body group for the day. I was excited to discuss feet with the body group! As we entered the body group room some of the kids told me about Body Man who lives on the wall. They were excited to discuss the things they had previously done in body group with Rio and fill me in on everything they knew about the body!

WK: Look! That's the bone leg.
MR: It's a femur!
TS: Yeah, it lives in your skeleton.
WK: We talked about bones when we traced our hands.
Melinda: Hey, that's what we are doing today- but with feet!
TB: What's that black paper for?
Melinda: I thought we could use chalk to trace our feet onto it. You can choose to trace your own foot or have a partner do it for you.
EF approaches my side and takes a piece of black paper then tries to hand it back to me.
Melinda: It looks like EF wants to trace hers first. Look, you can stand on this paper EF. Now, we can use the chalk to trace around your foot.
I trace around EF's foot while she stands still on the paper.
WK: Oooh then you can put bones in it!
Melinda: If you'd like, I brought in some white chalk. I wonder what you guys know about feet.
The children begin moving around the room. Some of them choose to trace their own feet and others ask for help from a friend. They talk as they work.
TS: You use your feet for balancing. That way you don't fall down.
TB: Sometimes you can jump on your feet!
WK feels the bottom of her feet as she begins to draw bones in her traced foot.
WK: There's a big round bone here that helps you jump!
I bend my fingers and point to the joints that help me bend. 
Melinda: Something I know about fingers is that they have joints to help us bend. When we jump we often use the joints in our toes to help us push off the ground.
I jump up and down to try and show them. WK, MR, and TB pause what they are doing to jump and down too. Then TB bends over and points to the joint in his big toe.
TB: Yeah! My joint is right here. You can see it when I bend my toe.
WK: I'm gonna draw some joints in my toes.
The children continue discussing joints, jumping, and feet as they finish their feet drawings.

It was exciting to get my own, personal introduction and glimpse into body group with these guys. I look forward to seeing where else Rio takes his body group as the weeks progress!

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