Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Our Brain Group is Evolving!  Here's a conversation from this morning:
Me:  What happens when you put your hands over your ears?
TUS:  I can't hear very well.
WK:  Can you hear me?

Me:  We've been talking a lot about how the brain sends messages to our bodies, and I did some research on ears, and it turns out that our brain also RECEIVES messages from our body, like our ears!
MR:  Yeah, the sound vibrates.
WK:  Yeah, it uses your ear drum, and if you hurt your ear drum, it won't let you hear.
MR:  My grandfather can't really hear because his ears aren't working right, but he doesn't want those hearing things, so he didn't believe us.
TUS:  If you do this, you can feel those little hairs in your ears.
MR:  Yeah, those hairs protect your ears from dirt.
WK:  Hairs?!
MR:  Yeah, and there's a part of your ear that looks like a snail.  It's a purple one.  If you're mad it turns brown.  Know how I know that?  I saw it in my doctor's office.

Me:  What do you want me to do research about?
WK:  What do ear drums look like?
MR:  I think they're circles.
WK:  No, they're cubes.
TUS:  Can I tell you somethin?  Ears have hairs.

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